— jordan yep, ux portfolio —

i'm a product designer, building experiences supporting change, helping people be better ✌️

where i'm at now:

currently a product designer @ jostle, helping businesses build connected and united organizations

previously at sap & city of vancouver


Selected Work:

city of vancouver

01 / internship ux case study

A voting microsite allowing citizens to help choose candidates, along with their voting day and location in one platform

for the City of Vancouver


02 / academic ux case study

Mobile app for Vancity members to manage and set goals that encourage credit building

for Vancity Credit Union

2019 RGD Student Awards of Excellence for Strategic Design


03 / internship

Helping businesses gain insight on their data through voice, and discover content

at SAP Analytics Cloud

city of vancouver

04 / internship ux case study

A digital experience that streamlines flows of multiple pages and touchpoints from complex topics into a single platform

for the City of Vancouver

Purdys hero

05 / personal project

An AR mobile microsite to guide and help customers towards their chocolate preferences

for Purdys Choclatier