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Through 16 months as a UX Design Intern, I worked on two different teams, which include the Platform team (May 2019 - Dec 2019), along with the mobile team (Jan 2020 - Aug 2020).

I worked on SAP Analytics Cloud, which provides end-to-end analytics for business, helping them make decisions through their data through visual dashboards. This product combines BI, planning, predictive, augmented analytics, and machine learning capabilities through the cloud.

Here are two projects I worked on during my time there:

project 1

Voice to Insight

tldr, what's this project about?

Helping businesses gain insight on their data through voice

the high-level overview
My role:

Responsible for the design, collaborating with my manager, product experts, and engineers

Scope + Impact:

Helped to deliver the v1 scope of one of the top customer requests for the quarter.


I worked on bringing voice implementation to the mobile app for business insights, building off the existing desktop Search To Insight (s2i) feature. This feature uses natural language processing to help business gain insight on analytical questions.

Think of asking Siri for the "sales for Q3 2021." Users had to type this out on desktop to gain an insight, and similarly on mobile.

This challenge was unique because we had to consider an interaction method where we had to determine the precise dataset which a user would want. This is because there could be many business models to choose, with each model being potentially complex depending on how it was set up.

To get the correct insight, users need to be able to determine the correct model. On desktop, this is easier because as you type, you can select a model directly. But with voice, speaking and getting a result has to be fluid with minimal additional interaction.

There was a use case to help users gain insight through voice, leading to Voice to Insight. The result was a workflow that could be integrated directly into the text-based Search to Insight feature.

Fig 1: Voice to Insight workflow overview

Predicting the right model:

Most likely if organizations have setup their models correctly, we would return the most popular entity result once you speak your query. (Fig 1: "Beginning state" to "Return voice query" above)

Building in a fallback

We also built in the fallback in case voice fails, or you don't get the right results. Users can select a different model (Fig 1: Additional results), along with return to keyboard typing (Fig 1: Keyboard editing).

You can learn more about this in the above video, along with SAP's blog post.

project 2

Analytics Catalog

SAP Catalog
tldr, what's this project about?

Helping businesses discover content

the high-level overview
My role:

Designed the cards on the home screen and metadata container, along with helping to vision out the feature

Scope + Impact:

Helped to deliver the v1 scope


I also worked on Analytics Catalog, helping users discover content in a central area.

As an example, think about your Documents folder with probably multiple files, and you're trying to find one specific file tucked away in an obscure folder. Might not be so easy?

The solution was a guided browsing experience, with enhanced metadata and custom filters. By having a central place to discover content, there’s no need to show folders, but rather have everything in a single view, with content curated for each user based on their permissions.

Card design

Catalog cards UI

I worked on the card design, that helps users get the right information about the context of the item. Actions are also enabled on the card with the "3-dot-button"

Metadata container

Catalog metadata UI

The metadata container appears upon clicking the card. Here this builds on the item details, along with giving additional context about the object itself through Other Links. This is user customizable, to give any additional metadata that a user may need.

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