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A digital chocolate connoisseur experience in the palm of customers hands, guiding and helping them towards their chocolate preferences

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This was a personal concept project tackled in collaboration with my teammate Lizzie Lo. I wanted to tackle a personal project that could help elevate the digital strategy of the company.

For this project, I wanted to enhance my UI and strategy skills. My specific role was the art direction, product strategy and UI design.

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Domain + Client

Purdys Shop

Purdys Chocolatier is a staple in British Columbia, with their history going back to 1907 becoming one of BC’s top 10 most loved companies. Their mission is to rethink chocolate – creating employee chocolate expert “connoisseurs,” and using that to create deep connections with customers.

Over the past few years, Purdys’ has an aggressive expansion plan across Canada, with their digital space their fastest fastest growing channel.

With COVID-19, retail experiences have realized it’s time to revitalize their digital strategy. While stores has re-opened, e-commerce is more favoured. With the pandemic, it has become important to invest in more digitally-native experiences that can help innovate the Purdys experience.

"The Pandemic Is Rewriting the Rules of Retail”

Investing in some of the unique capabilities of digital can create completely new and different shopping experiences. A retailer can use these new capabilities to create a social, interactive, immersive experience wherever customers are — that’s something no physical outlet can provide.
- Harvard Business Review, Denise Lee Yohn (2020)

Opportunity & Framing

We identified opportunities for Purdys – that can extend beyond COVID-19.

  1. Most people do buy Purdys chocolates as gifts for others. This means that those receiving the gifts don’t get the experience and knowledge that is delivered in-store.
  2. Purdys has an excellent in-store experience, with chocolate connoisseurs helping guide customers to find and pack their chocolate gifts. But while some stores are still open during COVID, for some customers the in-store connection is lost. With the shift to more e-commerce during COVID globally, Purdys has an opportunity to create a digital experience that can facilitate this.

Audience & User Journey

Our audience targets two segments: those who want to buy, and those who want to learn. Through the customer journey of Purdys, the 3 main stages are: pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase.

We defined 2 “micro-moments” to refine the journey, to showcase critical touch points within the consumer journey. We determined Purdys can meaningfully intervene in the “I-want-to-buy” and “I-want-to-know” moments, which will enhance the “browsing” and “receive” area of the customer journey.

These target areas can impact the customer journey. With these proposed enhancements to the digital strategy, this can bring more value to both Purdys as a stakeholder and the customers.

This led us to our frame:

How might we deliver a connoisseur experience to help customers through their chocolate tasting experience?

how it works

Final Design

Our final solution is a mobile-first microsite, which creates less of a barrier for entry, easier access, and more instant results.


The microsite home extends from, and is interacted by swiping between the different options. Each option spans the full screen, showcasing the objective of each tool.


Scanner is mobile-first, focusing on an AR solution. Customers can scan the chocolate they receive, and the scanner will let them know the chocolate they received.

Beyond the description and type of chocolate, we will showcase “connoisseur notes” that showcase tasting notes about the chocolate they received. We’ll also let them know about the type of chocolate they received.


To help customers find the right chocolates, we help guide them towards their chocolate preferences in a style of a connoisseur. Through guided questions, we can help them find the correct chocolates.

purdys finder

Style Guide

Style Guide

Our style guide builds on the existing Purdys brand. Colours keep homage to the original Purdys brand, while the addition of gradients bringing depth. Proxima Nova builds off the existing Purdys brand.

The copywriting is written in a tone to be guiding, like an in-store connoisseur. With the copywriting strategy, we can aim to help customers find what they need.


Purdys Mobile App

By implementing as a microsite, Purdys can leverage this in a future dedicated mobile app using Webview. Purdys may implement an ice-cream rewards app in the future, and we can enhance the value of this app by incorporating the scanner and finder.

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